Origins of Miguel Millo


a17 This artist creates works because he is born, but also because she says there's a voice inside that compels him to make him happy and obey that call, it feels good to be a subject of creativity, as well maintains an obsession with beauty. So declared, Miguel Millo, photographer by profession, referring to his latest exhibition entitled Origins.


"I'm always looking for languid and perfect bodies. Of looks that convey the feelings you want to project in my work. Nature is a fundamental part of my work, plants, flowers, stems, seeds, everything that nature gives us. The clay pigments shape a new body. All this with a large baking ingredient, finding aesthetics. "


This coincides with the artist Jorge Marin, stating that Miguel Millo "creation is obsession and fascination with various compositions spice with everything around him. This takes over the most of the language of nature, especially gimmicky and expressive forms. Use this to dress her and make the protagonist of his work, through which women of clay, decorated with nature and bathed in light, come together in an explosive expression, which is in addition to colorful, highly emotional ".


When questioning about his creative process, the speaker explained that in the mornings start early sketches, as the day progresses are being defined, but until it gets to the studio where the magic comes, where he puts the soul to create. First intervenes to model clay and pigments, and then let the brushes and their hands will decide where the color and texture, guided by his eye that looks for beauty and balance. Next step let nature enter the body and finally captures light meticulous creation, always in an enigmatic black background.


"My work has additional value because photography is not dependent on finding the ideal landscape for my works, as in the case of my proposal my scenarios are created in its entirety, is something like making clay sculptures and models, and then dress them with nature, to bring-in the language of the body, a feeling, creating light to capture that moment, defined by Jorge Marin as a delight to the eye. That's just what I'm projecting in my work. "


For Jorge Marin, Millo in Origen, "makes me reconnect with the essence of man, with the intimate moment in which human nature converge in deep dialogue with the entrails of the earth, where mysticism and depth, are revealed in the eyes looking female bodies and witness our own existence. "


After accepting that he works to satisfy their hunger to create and then share their creations with the outside world, said his photographic proposal is different because it is "an intermediate step between painting, sculpture and photography, there is a great quality in all the work , to the point that when I see the potential viewer move something in it sure, definitely motivate you to visit it again, to want to have a picture of Origen or at least take it in your mind. "


The opening of the exhibition Origins of Miguel Millo, will be held on Wednesday, December 5, from 19:30 am in the Central Hall of the Casa Lamm Cultural Center, located at Avenida Alvaro Obregon 99, colony Rome.


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