Sik Chang

Professor of Sung Shin University, Seoul, Korea

The head of Environmental project Research institute

Advisory committee of Olympic Public Association for Promoting

Gymnastics inquiry committee of Seoul Art Decoration

1946 Born as the third son of Hoowon Chang at Changdong

1980Graduated from department of sculpture at Cranbrook Academy of Art, U.S.A

1976Graduated from department of sculpture at Graduate School of Hongik University

1974  Graduated from department of Plastic Art at Art College of Hongik University

Solo Shows

1976 M.F.A Degree Show (Hongik University Art Museum, Seoul, Korea)

1977 Solo Show (Gallery of Young Artist, Seoul, Korea)

1980M.F.A Degree Show (Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum, Broomfield, hills, Michigan, U.S.A)

1983 Solo Show (Gallery of Korean Cultural Service, New York, U.S.A)

1985 Solo Show (Seoul Subway An-Kuk Station, Seoul, Korea)

1988   Solo Show (Cheju Sculpture Park Shinchunjee Art Museum, Cheju, Korea)

1994 Solo Show (Gallery Seohwa, Seoul, Korea)

1998 Solo Show (Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea)

2001 Solo Show (Gallery In Mo, Seoul, Korea)

2005 Solo Show (CHOSUN ART MUSEUM ,Seoul, Korea)

2006 Solo Show (Gallery Moin, Seoul, Korea)

2009 Solo Show (GalleryWestern, L.A, U.S.A)


Exhibited in 154 Group Shows