Amy Hill

Solo Exhibitions

2017Andre Zarre Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2016Lois Lambert Gallery,  Santa Monica, CA
2016Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2013Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2010Andre Zarre Gallery, New York, NY
2009Andre Zarre Gallery, New York, NY
2008McCaig Welles Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY
2007 Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL
2005Jack the Pelican Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY
2004Roq La Rue Gallery,  Seattle, WA
2003Saville Gallery, Cumberland, MD
2001Clementine Gallery, New York, NY
1996Curcio Spector Gallery,  New York, NY
1995University of California, Berkeley,  San Francisco, CA
1994Sunnen Gallery,  New York, NY
1991Queens Museum at the Bullova Center,  Queens, NY
1991Tegenbosch Gallery,  Amsterdam, Holland

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016The Parlour Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
2015Booth Gallery, New York, NY
2014Porter Contemporary, New York, NY
2014St. Paul’s Church,  New York, NY
2014Andre Zarre Gallery, New York, NY
2014Front Room Gallery, New York, NY
2011Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, Ill
2011   MA Doran Gallery, Tulsa, OK
2009Denise Bibro, NewYork, NY
2008Bernarducci Meisel Gallery,  New York, NY
2008Nohra Haime Gallery,  New York, NY“Peopled People”
2007Ann Nathan Gallery,  Chicago, Ill.
2007Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild,  Woodstock, NY
2007Like the Spice, Brooklyn, NY
2006McCaig Welles, Brooklyn, NY
2006Magaret Bodell Gallery, Cornwall, CT
2006AG Gallery, Brooklyn, NY“Victorian”
2006NYU Small Works Show,  New York, NY
2005Ambrosino Gallery, N Miami, Fla“Gods and Monsters”
2005Fe Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pa“Fear”
2004B-Side Gallery, New York, NY
2004MF GalleryNewYork, NY“Freak Show”
2004Krasdale Foods Art Gallery, White Plains, NY
2003  Upstate Art, Phoenicia, NY
2002NYU, New York, NY Small Works
2002Gordon Green Gallery, New York, NY
2001Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2001Castle Gallery, New Rochelle, NY“Bogus”
2000Upstate Art, Phoenicia, NY“Nature Made”
2000Nexus Contemporary Center, Atlanta, GA“Rememberance of Things Past”
1999DFN Gallery, New York, NY
1999HBO Offices, New York, NY
1998Battersea Art Center, London‘Sickly Sweet’
1996Barbara Moran Fine Arts, Egermont, MA
1994The New Museum,  New York, NY‘Bad Girls’
1993Art in General,  New York, NY‘Good and Plenty’
1993West Publishing Company,  St. Paul, MN‘Art and the Law’
1991Klarfield Perry Gallery,  New York, NY‘Urban Icons’
1991Lehman College Art Gallery,  Bronx, NY‘The Children Among Us’
1991La Galleria at La Mama,  New York, NY‘Styles and Aesthetics’
1989Soho Center for Visual Artists,  New York, NY‘Social Studies’
1986Vox Populi Gallery,  New York, NY
1985Danceteria, Congo Bill Room,  New York, NY
1983P.S. 122,  New York,  NY
1983Gracie Mansion Portrait Show,  New York, NY


1977New York University,  New York, NY
1976Carnegie Mellon University,  Pittsburgh, PA - BFA


2016ArtnetDavid Ebony’s Top 10 New York Gallery Shows of 2016 

2016Artcritical, Originals: ‘Amy Hill and the Kids of America’ by Stephen Maine
2002Cumberland Times NewsDecember, Cumberland, MD
2001Harper’sMagazine June, New York, NY
1999The New York TimesFebruary,  New York, NY
1995Cover MagazineJanuary,  New York, NY
1994The New York TimesFebruary,  New York, NY
1992DowntownJanuary,  New York, NY
1991New York NewsdayJuly,  New York, NY
1990DowntownMarch,  New York, NY
2007Artnet Magazine
2007The New York Times
2011Kismet Magazine

Awards, Grants and Nominations

2015Peter S. Reed Foundation grant
2014Nominated for membership in the American Academy of Arts and Letters
2014Nominated for The Catherine Doctorow Prize for Contempoarary Painting
2006NYU Small Works Show   New York, NY‘Juror Award’
1994Art Matters,  New York, NYGrant
1991West Publishing Company,  St. Paul, Minnesota‘Purchase Award’
1976National Arts Club,  New York, NY‘Honorable Mention’

Artists Residencies

2003Byrdcliffe, Woodstock, NY
1998Potash Arts, Cummington, MA
1997Far-a-Field, Plainfield, MA
1996Palenville Interarts Colony, Palenville, NY
1991The Virginia Center For the Creative Arts, Sweet Briar, VA
1989Cummington Community of Artists, Cummington, MA