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Milló first sculpts his models by covering them in clay. He then meticulously paints these “canvases of flesh” using pigments from India. Once the painting of his models is completed, Milló adorns these living sculptures with fruits, fauna and vegetables. While Milló is sculpting and painting his models, he is energized by a live band playing improvisational music. Only after the painting and sculpting is completed, a process that takes several hours, does Milló photograph his models.

Miguel Milló studied Graphic Design at the Iberoamerican University in Tijuana, Mexico. Milló has exhibited his series “Origins” at Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm in Mexico City. Since his last exhibition at the Lois Lambert Gallery Milló has had solo exhibits in New York, Miami, Havana, Manila, Sao Paulo and Mexico City. Milló’s art is now internationally recognized for his use of color, light and the human figure