Michael Flechtner

When I was a child I was fascinated with electricity, fire and colored light of any sort. It could be the stained glass windows at church, my father testing the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve and the neon signage adorning shop windows and local drive-ins and movie theatres in my hometown.

I knew early on that I was an artist and spent a lot of time drawing and making things from stuff I’d find in my grandmother’s junk drawer. I also built from scratch…telegraph sets, crystal radio sets, carbon rod microphones and radio transmitters.
My work reflects a love of the craft of neon fabrication (I make all my neon tubes – which I consider to be a Zen activity), my sense of humor, and my love of color and movement. As an artist and thus a part of continuing reverie for my contemporaries in both art and neon fabrication. My compositions are designed tofirst be pleasing to the eye and use recognizable elements in interesting contexts. If the viewer wishes to “dig” below the surface of these works, there are often layers of playful or serious meaning.