Lisandra Isabel Garcia

In my work I propose the evasion of reality as personal art concept and creative strategy. The self-reference is determined by this attitude that doesn’t turns into apathy but into conscious reconversion of reality that surrounds me. I construct, in an almost autobiographic way, an introspective world where I display my own evasion fantasies, and where I try to find refuge. I create it from my own life experience and my personal universe. In that world I transmute fragments of my body, quotidian environments and objects. I turn them into something filled with a personal meaning, that allows me, imaginatively, get refuge from the rest of world and, at the same time, highlight certain sorts of likes, customs, motivations and sensibilities.

With these series I intend to work with the subject of erotismfrom a peculiar and postmodern point of view, bringing to the present the beauty, sensuality and delicateness of the artworks from the classics. To this effect they are a criticism to the loss of these values in modern life and an intention to bring them back while asking a question: Is it necessary, nowadays, to be more direct and aggressive or suggestive keeps on being more interesting and sensual?

The images of ancient works that I used are details of painting of masters like Tiziano, Velazquez, Ingres, Gaya, Fontainebleau’s school, Boticelli. They are selected intentionally, because in them the feminine figure appears in very sensual and provocative poses in which erotism looks subtle and natural, different to the way sensuality is presented nowadays.