Doctor of Philosophy, Theoretical Physics 1981
University of California, Los Angeles [Adviser – Julian Schwinger] 

Master of Science, Theoretical Physics 1978
University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Arts, Physics 1976
Georgia Institute of Technology


Industry Experience

Adobe Systems, Imagination Lab

Senior Principal Scientist

1997 - present

Invented, developed, guided, produced 18+ features for 18+ releases for multiple products (e.g. Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, After Effects)

Consistently produced top-billed features

My contributions to most of these features include idea conception, user experience design, algorithmic innovations, solution of engineering challenge of providing interactive, simple tools which scale to giga-pixel images along with C++ implementations and various optimizations.

Worked closely with various-sized teams of scientists, software engineers, user designers, quality assurance engineers, artists.

Developed multiple early prototypes which spurred various product developments 50+ patents issued or pending

Image Editing & enhancement, User interaction, Selection and masking, Image search, Object detection, Neural networks, Natural language

Co-chair of Adobe Technology Summit 2006 Features which I have developed include

PixelTone Natural language image editing for iPad

Kuler Color harmony selection from Images; algorithm contribution

PhotoshopBlur Gallery – Field, Iris, Tilt shift Shadow/Highlight
  Quick Selection Refine Edge Extract

Photoshop ElementsAuto Smart Fix
Adjust Color for Skin Tones Redeye Removal
Visual Search
Color Cast Correction
Localized Image Adjustment Tools

A C++ framework for large image/array processing modeled after MatLab and (S)tandard (T)emplate (L)ibrary algorithms – multi-threaded & tiled


Logicon, RDA 1983 - 1997

Research Scientist

Managed research team

Advised DARPA’s neural network program; developed and evaluated novel algorithms Developed object detection algorithms

Produced Automatic Dental Caries Detection Software – Logicon Caries DetectorTM Produced software for manufacturing process prediction


IBM 1981 - 1983 Research Scientist

Implemented methods of stressing and testing dynamic RAM chip failure modes