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Geneva Costa is known for her photorealistic figurative oil paintings and allegorical narratives. The concepts she draws on are inspired by gender, politics, and current affairs happening everyday as she creates these feminist works. The artist also looks to a wide range of artists such as Clifford Still, Marcel Duchamp, Georgia O’Keefe, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, and Artemisia Gentileschi during the generative process. Autobiographical in nature, Costa’s most recent body of work deals with obfuscation of the female face as a comment on imposed identity and censorship of thought. Many of the narratives in the artist’s work speak to her experience as a woman in contemporary American society. The artist pulls from her personal experiences in the disparate regions of the country in which she has lived, and relates a greater narrative back to the viewer.

Costa received her MFA from California State University Northridge in 2016. The artist also holds a BFA from Montana State University Bozeman. Her paintings have been featured in various shows in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and hang in private collections both nationally and internationally.