Candice Gawne

Light, energy, and beauty are the subjects of my work. My light sculptures are inspired by the endless varation in form of flora in the botanical world and the fluid grace of inhabitants of our translucent seas. With electricity, I transform the noble gasses Krypton, Neon, Xenon and Argon, illuminating my glass forms to show the color and ernergy of life. Glass, at once translucent amd reflective, contains the light , as the form and ernery are revealed. Thus, my invisible feelings of love for the nature world appear as "jewels of light in glass".

Light coming out of the Darkness in the hallmark of all my work.


Light in every form Infuses my life. Light feeds me.
I drink it in. Skylight fills me to the brim.
Seas toss light back, Awaken my spirit.
I swim in reflections. Shining auras surround me like a shield.
Flickering darkness,
Stars tickle.
Planet lights touch my eyes. I bathe in sparkling paths To sip in moonlight.
Gold and silver light,
I spend it every day,
Every night.