Tim Prythero

2014  "On The Road “ Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica Ca. 

2013  “Narrow Views” OK Harris New York 

2012"Miniatures and More “ Albuquerque Museum  

          “Three Perspectives of Northern New Mexico” New Concept Gallery Santa Fe 

2011  "More is More " three person show, New Concept Gallery Santa Fe 

"Tomorrows Legacies: Gifts Celebrating the Next 125 Years" Crocker Art Museum Sacramento

          "Cool Art “ Roswell Art Museum, Roswell, New Mexico

2010  “Miniatures/2010” Albuquerque Museum

          “Pop Surrealism” Santa Fe Community Collage   

          “Albuquerque NOW” Albuquerque Museum

2009  “Canvassing The Neighborhood” Governors Gallery   Santa Fe

2008  "Roadside Souvenirs” Exhibit/ 208, (solo) Albuquerque

           "Miniatures/2008” Albuquerque Art Museum

           “CAS 20th Anniversary Exhibition" UNM Art Museum 

           "Tim Prythero” OK Harris Gallery    (solo) New York

           "Shared Sensibilities" Roswell Museum  & Art Center 

2007   "Miniatures/2007” Albuquerque Art Museum 

           "Driven to Distraction “ Governors Gallery, Capital building, Santa Fe 

2006   "Used Cars “ Exhibit/208, Albuquerque, April (solo)

           "Quick Bites” Phoenix Skyport Airport 

1999   "Realism/Photorealism/Superrealism” The Harwood Museum, Taos, New Mexico

           "25 Treasures " Campbell-Thiebauld Gallery, San Francisco,

2005   "Another Time"  (three man) Leslie Levy Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ  

2004    "Signs” group show   Albuquerque Art Museum

            "Manipulated Realities” Belger Art Center, Kansas City 

2003   "One Man Show " OK Harris Gallery, New York 

2002   "In The Details" Schlesinger Gallery, New York 

1998   Tim Prythero OK Harris Gallery (solo), New York
1997 "Urban/Sub/Urban” Lois Stern Fine Art, Los Angeles 

1990   “Woody Gwyn /Tim Prythero, Two Realists /Two Realities” Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe 

1988    "Statements 88" Fine Arts Gallery, Albuquerque 

1987   "Small Wonders " National Geographical Society, Washington D.C.

           "The Transformative Vision" Davis /McClean Gallery, Houston

           “Tim Prythero” Cornelius Gallery, (solo) New York 

1986   "Personal Environments" Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe

1985   "One Man Show" Hoshour Gallery, Albuquerque (solo) 

           "Invitational Exhibition " Roswell Museum and Art Center, Roswell New Mexico

            "Invitational “ San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco

1984   "Tim Prythero" Cornelius Gallery, New York(solo)

            "The Outsiders”, North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Forks, North Dakota


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