Stephen Freedman

Museum of West Australia – The Language of Art
Mori Museum of Contemporary American Ceramics, Japan
Amaury Saint-Gilles Fine Arts, Hawaii
Lecture/workshop series for Hui No’eau, Maui

Cal. State, Los Angeles – solo exhibition: War Songs
Purchases: Reno Museum, Nevada, National Vietnam Veterans Museum, Chicago, Illinois.
Commissions: Carillon of 15 Bells for the Viejas Reservation
Casino- California. Fountain for The Lapid- Shapiro Torah Center, Long Beach, California “Sh’ma”.
Two fountains for the Niznick
Residence, Mana Lani at the Cape, Hawaii: Water and Fire & Spheres.
Ritz Carlton, Istanbul, Turkey.
Artists of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Solo exhibitions: War Songs – Reno Museum, Nevada – National Vietnam Veterans Museum, Chicago, Illinois –
Cleavland State University Art Gallery, Ohio
Commissions: Mulia Senayan, Indonesia. Loews Miami
Beach Resort, Florida. Swisotel, Atlanta, Georgia.
Amaury Saint-Gilles Contemporary Fine Arts, Hawaii

Solo exhibitions: War songs – Lizardi / Harp Gallery, Los
Angeles. Amaury Saint-Gilles Fine Arts, Hawaii
The Complex, Nashville Tennessee
Del Mano Galleries, Los Angeles
Kohala Kollection, Hawaii
Commissions: Saigon Center, Vietnam. Four Seasons Hotel, Kona Hawaii. Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

Ghattam: CD recording of ceramic instruments created for collaboration with The Antenna Repairmen
percussion ensemble and Arthur Jarvinen.
Lizardi / Harp Gallery, Los Angeles
Kohala Collection, Hawaii

Commission for the Los Angeles Public Library –
Felipe de Neve: word Cage
Ghattam: World Premiere, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, LAX Biennial 94
Thresholds: Solo exhibition Wailoa Gallery Hilo, Hawaii

Elaine Horowich Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Little Deaths: Performance collaboration with composer Arthur Jarvinen.
Premiere at Beyond Baroque, Venice California.
Felipe de Neve Library Commission, Los Angeles
Space Gallery, L.A. Satellite Galleries Exhibition
Commission: Kawamura, Japan
Ralleigh Gallery, Florida, Lizardi / Harp Gallery, Los Angeles

Art Matters Fellowship for literature and sculpture
Venice Artwalk Invitational, Los Angeles.
Ralleigh Gallery, Florida
West Australia Museum, Australia acquisition.
Stones Gallery, Kauai, Hawaii
Solo Exhibition: Butterfly, Salem Museum, Massachusetts
Lizardi / Harp Gallery, Los Angeles

Garth Clark Gallery, Los Angeles: Gold
Stephen Freedman, Ralleigh Gallery
Stephen Freedman, The Butler Institute,
Youngstown, Ohio. Fiona Whitney Galley, Los Angeles
Stephen Freedman: Memory Containers, Stafford Studios,Perth Australia.
Stephen Freedman, Lizardi / Harp Gallery, Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Commission for 12 pieces – Art in Architecture.
Garth Clark Gallery, New York
Stephen Freedman: Memory Containers, Fiona Whitney Gallery, Los Angeles
Macquarie Gallery, Sydney Australia
Stephen Freedman: Crow: Vessels from the Performance,
Lizardi / Harp Gallery, Los Angeles
Raleigh Gallery, Miami, Florida
Los Angeles Theater Center, `Crow`: with composition by
Dusan Bogdanovic, choreography by Gilberte Munier,
Poetry Ted Hughes, sculpture Stephen Freedman.

Solo exhibitions: Memory Containers, Lizardi / Harp Gallery.
Ralleigh Gallery, Bay Gallery, Perth, West Australia.
Gallery of Functional Art, Santa Monica, California
The Chamelion – Ravenwoods Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Invitational fellowship: Kenneth Patchen Festival, Ohio

Stephen Freedman: The Chameleon, my Dad and the Other-Lizardi / Harp Gallery
Ralleigh Gallery
Purchase: American Craft Museum, New York
Commisions: Ana Hotel, Tokyo, Japan. Westin Kauai, Hawaii, Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Solo exhibitions: The Pongid/Mominid Behavioral
Translation – Lizardi / Harp Gallery. The Works Gallery, Long Beach,California,
Ralleigh Gallery, Florida Commissions: Ana Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Saks Fifth Avenue Collections.

Solo exhibitions: Multiples – Lizardi / Harp Gallery, Los Angeles.
The works Gallery, Long Beach, California.
Ralleigh Gallery.
Commission: Chicago Hilton and Towers.

Solo exhibitions: In Vitro – Lizardi / Harp Gallery, Los Angeles, The World Gallery, Long Beach, California.
Art Institute of Boston
Raleigh Gallery

Solo exhibitions: The Patchen Series – Lizardi / Harp Gallery, Los Angeles
Ralleigh Gallery, Florida

Solo exhibitions: The Patchen Series, Marcia Rodell Gallery, Los Angeles
1975-79 Bunbury Art College, West Australia


Butterfly; A collection of short stories-Graphic Torch 1991
Dreamgirl; A book about making books for Children-Green Beard Press 1995
War Songs; Essays and Poems to the Vietnam Experience-Lizardi / Harp Inc. 1996
Art and Cooperation; a series of articles on art and evolution-West Hawaii Today 1994-96
The Boiling Frog and Other Evolutionary Fables-HI Art Books 2010

Selected collections

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles Theater Company
West Australian Museum of Art
Oakland Museum, Oakland, California
Long Beach Museum, Long Beach, California
Art Institute of Boston
Getty Museum, Malibu, California
Saks Fifth Avenue Collection
Saigon Center, Vietnam
Westin Plaza, Atlanta, Georgia
American Craft Museum
Mori Museum of American Ceramics, Japan
Bunbury College Collection
Butler Museum, Youngstown, Ohio
Art Matters fellowship
Felipe de Neve Public Library Commission
Westin Maui, Hawaii
Westin Kauai, Hawaii
Shanghai Hilton, China
Kawamura Hotel, Japan
Hyatt Regency, Melbourne Australia
Doubletree Hotel, Atlanta
Chicago Hilton and Towers
La Toc Hotel, West Indies
Regent Singapore
Steven Bochco Productions, Hollywood
Grand Hyatt Waikaloa, Hawaii
Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong
Mulia Senayan, Jakarta
Selected Exhibitions and Commissions
Stephen Freedman, The Contemporary Museum – Honolulu, Hawaii
Stephen Freedman, International Asia-Pacific Contemporary Ceramics Invitational Exhibition, Taiwan
Stephen Freedman, Maui Arts and Cultural Center
Taipei Museum
Mori Art Museum – Tokyo, Japan