I COME FROM EVERYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE I GO                                                                                                 September 9th - November 3rd    


Cangas' work depicts the rainbow of humanity in kaleidoscopic motion focusing on the tension that each person experiences as they try to assert and maintain their individuality. Alejandro’s paintings often show crowds of people waiting in line or walking together towards an unknown situation. 


Maykel Linares’ work is a reaction to the sentimental content of popular imagery that awakens in the viewer empirical associations. In this collection of paintings there is a strong link to the landscapes often seen in the paintings of the Surrealists like De Chirico, Magritte and even Dalí.


Darwin Estacio Martinez uses a universally understood visual language to convey unfinished stories like still images taken from a movie. Darwin takes those moments of an embrace, a handshake or other human interactions and zooms in, fragmenting the figures into mysterious compositions of bold color. 


Adislen Reyes Pino’s work is inspired by her generation's angst concerning Cuba's uncertain future. Pino's drawings from her "Nightmare" series differs from her earlier series "Crisis" in that it uses a black background that adds a more tragic tone to the small narratives that her drawings depict. Both series will be shown together in this exhibit.


Luis Rodriguez NOA’s paintings depict the fleeting moments of daily life in the city of Havana—like a couple drinking wine by the pier, a man watching TV alone, children on bicycles, or airplanes crossing the sky. NOA illustrates all of this activity and more in each composition through a colorful expression of both comedy and tragedy.


Eduardo Rubén’s paintings are a reinterpretation of the visual experience in Cuba, as well as, the psychological and emotional reality of daily life. This exhibition will be a continuation of his ongoing series “Combatants”, large black and white acrylic paintings that depict broken concrete monuments reflective of all the abandoned, deteriorating, and half-constructed buildings in Cuba.