"A Moment in Time"

A series of miniature narrative sculptures, by artist Sonny Wizelman. 

Wizelman’s figures and miniature components come Tabula Rasa, allowing him to build and paint the narrative of his choosing. Sonny creates scenarios of a familiar and often romanticized time in American culture.

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"Material World"

A series of paintings from artist Frank Oriti. This collection focuses on an exploration of not only the object, but the materials and the methodology that creates the reality. Originally trained as a figure painter, Oriti became fascinated and engaged more with the clothing than the subject, communicating its own story.           

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"My Tax Dollars Hard at Work"

A collection of works that explores the relationship between people, the money they earn and the taxes paid in a Capitalist society. The exhibition includes a series of images composed with dollar bills cut and collaged on canvas and an inflatable called “Mr. Moneybags”. 


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