Carol Coates

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Carol Coates begins her compositions with photographs of live models. These images are then digitally augmented into contrived characters. These initial characters either become references for an oil or acrylic painting or the basis of a mixed media work that incorporates the photographs as well as the painting. Coates has mastered a wide variety of skills ranging from drawing and painting to metal smithing, sculpture, darkroom and digital photography.  Each of these tools play a part in the composition and execution of her series MindsEye.

Coates received her Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the University of Michigan.  She was awarded the Bronze Medal in New Media from Fortezza de Basso in Florence, Italy in 2003.  Publicly, Coates constructed a mixed media mesh overlay installation at the World Headquarters for Dow Chemicals Co. as well as a 300 ft mural in the Midland County Circuit Courtroom in Michigan.  She has also shown in museums and galleries nationwide including the Denver Art Museum, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, and the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Michigan.