Carol Coates

Press Release CV

Carol Coates has been a pioneer in mixed media; deviating from traditional media and photographic norms, and incorporating work in two and three dimensions. Her work includes and falls within and between many worlds. Her work is intentional, humanistic, mixed new media. Her intention is to communicate, to reflect, and to connect using universal content/themes. She begins her work with original drawings, paintings, and/or photographs, then combines, manipulates, and prints them on archival substrates. Her traditional and technologically-equipped studio reflects skills in the use of many different materials and approaches to layered imagery.

She may draw or paint what she has done, then, print and work again on the surface of that print with a variety of traditional media.  The mixed media is not always apparent on the final piece; with handwork done on the base layer, which is then, slightly obscured by a translucent image overlay. Each piece is unique. Variations on a theme substantially differ.

In addition to creating gallery work, Coates is an accomplished fine art installation specialist. She works with Architects, Designers, and Engineers to do custom work for Corporate, Public, and Private clients. She uses rigid and/or flexible media and a variety of permanent, archival materials to create the lasting effects and environment desired.