Sneak Peek: Why we are excited about our up coming artists

Before Saturday evening's opening at the Lois Lambert Gallery, here is a glimpse at the three artist and their latest works that will be on display through September forth.

Phil Kho

pkhoPhil Kho received his BA in visual communication at Hong Ik University in Seoul, Korea; his MFA in graphic design from California State University, Los Angeles; and his MS in visual communication at Pratt School of Art and Design in New York. He spent eight years as a professor of design in the fine arts department at the University of Suwon in Seoul. Kho has been an urban designer for over 20 years and an artist for over 50 years. He has written 10 books and dozens of articles on urban design. He currently resides and works in Koreatown.

Phil Kho's Postcard

Inspired by varied artists from past and present such as architect Frank Gehry to the more interdisciplinary artist Bruce Nauman, Kho’s use of mixed media calls to mind our culture’s image saturated world. The usage of the window as a framing device brings to attention the duality of inside and outside. The vibrant color palette of his work emphasizes the vividness of our world. These recent works display a further exploration of the previous themes Kho has been invested in

Amy Hill



Amy Hill graduated from Carnegie Melon in graphic design. She lives and works in New York City, New York. Her work has appeared in galleries in New York and across the country.In this collection, Hill has utilized the aesthetic of both the classical and the modern in a format that compels the viewer to contrast contemporary and traditional notions of status and beauty

"My paintings are updates of works from earlier eras. I choose these eras because of my stylistic kinship with their artists, which allows me to carry on a kind of dialogue with them. Each era brings up a particular theme that I trace to the present day. I have chosen portraiture as it is a genre that runs through art history and allows me through poses, gestures and fashion detail to make social, psychological and anthropological statements about my subjects. Humor emerges through the juxtaposition of modern day fashion and historical figures."


Catherine Coan



Catherine Coan is an artist, hybrid taxidermist, writer, and professor living in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in galleries in LA and across the country. She was a judge on the AMC TV series Immortalized.


“I’m Game” will bring you into an alternate universe where Victorian drawing rooms are inhabited with hybrid animals running wild. Coan’s work invites you to a whole new experience, one where you might laugh, be scared, feel delight, confront death, let your imagination run wild…the possibilities are endless.


Join us for the opening, Saturday July 16th at 6pm to meet the artist and see these wonderful works in person.