Frank Oriti "Material World"

Lois Lambert Gallery presents “Material World”, a series of paintings from artist Frank Oriti. This collection focuses on an exploration of not only the object, but the materials and the methodology that creates the reality. Originally trained as a figure painter, Oriti became fascinated and more engaged with the clothing than the subject. As a result the artist now uses the article of clothing as a from of portraiture that represents the person who wears it.

Each fabric, whether plastic, denim or leather, requires a different approach and technique. Oriti experiments with paint application and scale in order to communicate to the viewer the reality of each item. The challenge of navigating these obstacles in order to give life to the weave and weight of these inanimate objects is one of Oriti’s motivating factors in the creation of these pieces.

Frank is recreating a visual history of how these fabrics rip, tear, scuff, fade, breakdown and evolve over time igniting the nostalgic feelings that are associated with the items. While Frank is drawn to items that have a relevance to his own history, the story the viewer brings to the work is more important to him.

Oriti’s concern is with today’s millennial working class and expressing who they are through what they look like and what they wear. Once tattoo’s that were relegated to service men (marines, navy and army) are now part of that working class identity. Non conventional haircuts and hair dyes, clothing, and other symbols of the disenfranchised are common.

Frank is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and has an MFA from theUniversity of Ohio. His work has been shown in galleries across the country and was included in London’s National Gallery BP Portrait Award Exhibition in 2015.