Phyllis Kudder Sullivan "Vortex with Gold Line Series"


Lois Lambert Gallery presents “Vortex with Gold Line Series” a series of ceramic sculptures from artist Phyllis Kudder Sullivan.

For the past 25 years Phyllis Kudder Sullivan has developed and honed the technique of interlacing clay coils to construct organic forms whose undulating “woven” walls completely envelop the inner space. Her fabrication method brings an over-and-under system associated with weaving of textiles into the third dimension.


The open grid of her net like constructions allows visual access to the energized interior space and gives the illusion of constructing with voids. It is the volume, the emptiness between the walls that is the heart of her work. In the Vortex With Gold Line Series Sullivan pays tribute to the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi. After multiple firings for strength and color she applies a gold leaf composite, not to mend, but to draw attention to a single thread.


Phyllis Kudder Sullivan is a professor of art at Long Island University in New York. Her work has shown internationally and across the United States and she has been awarded multiple artist residencies around the world.