Phil Kho "Outside In" Revisited

The last time we exhibited Phil Kho's mixed media works at the Lois Lambert Gallery was back in July 2014. As we welcome him back to the gallery for the continuation of this theme with "Outside In II", we thought we would take a look back at the incredible beginnings of this insightful concept 4.jpg

The Lois Lambert Gallery presents “Outside In,” the work of Phil Kho. Kho gathers inspiration from the traditional Korean lattice structure, “Chang-sal” as a means of connecting the old and the new. In a constantly changing world, replete with perpetual technological advancement, Kho wishes to emphasize the human longing to connect with history and culture.

Working in mixed media, he melds digital and

analog approaches to create one-of-a-kind window paintings. His process begins by 5.jpgconstructing the window itself out of wood and interjecting digital images on canvas, which he then paints over. This multi-layered technique lends itself to Phil’s greater message of embracing past, present and future.

A second theme found in Kho’s work deals with environment and surroundings. The literal representation of a window calls attention to the outdoors and nature. Through the window form, Phil emphasizes openness of mind; and with a rich color palette, he highlights the boldness of city and landscapes.

In this collection, Kho’s windows play with perception and illusion, evoking a sense of dimension and depth. With his juxtaposition of analog and digital media, Phil underscores the duality within culture and calls the viewer to reexamine his or her environment.


If you missed the show last time, now is your chance to see his new work and appreciate just how much the concept has evolved. The work will be on display until September 4th.