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Alejandro Gómez Cangas’ work depicts the rainbow of humanity in kaleidoscopic motion, focusing on the tension that each person experiences as they try to assert and maintain their individuality. Alejandro’s paintings often show crowds of people waiting in line or walking together towards an unknown situation. Alejandro creates these scenes by photographing individuals walking alone. He collages them using them as a reference point for his paintings. Cangas’ work is focused on how the individual fits within society and the difficulties in navigating their movements and thoughts in relation to others.

Alejandro Gomez Cangas is a graduate of University of Arts in Havana, Cuba. Cangas has shown in Galleries around the world. Cangas work can be found in private collections in Cuba, USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, England, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium and Lebanon. Alejandro is a member of AHS (Asociacion Hermanos Saiz), UNEAC (Union de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba) and Fondation Taylor an Association of Artists.