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Agelio's artwork includes stage design, art installation, performance art and drawing as well as sculpture. His work has been seen in museums and galleries across the United States. The following shows are just a few highlights of the body of his work. In 1988 his early ceramic sculpture was chosen by the American Craft Museum (New York) to represent the best work in the country by artists under thirty years of age in the Young Americans. This honor acknowledged the importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail that still pervades his work today.

In 1994 Agelio was included in a show of contemporary sculptures entitled Next to Nothing at San Francisco's Center for the Arts in Yerba Buena Gardens. His Volume of Laughter Collected While Being Tickled was a body-sized cylinder of transparent vinyl, filled with breaths of air collected from the artist's laughter. The fifteen art works unveiled at that show revealed a more playful and spiritual direction to his work.

In 1995 Agelio lead the Brick Project, a collaborative installation with the San Francisco Arts Education Project. Unveiled at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's opening ceremonies, twelve hundred local children constructed an impromptu miniature cityscape from wooden "bricks" that they prepared at their school sites. After class discussions and interactions, each child painted a brick filled with their own vision of "home". Participants and viewers walked through the resulting cityscape.